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Getting Started

Getting started in photography is easy, just get a camera and get out and shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Practice, practice and more practice is THE best way to learn photography. The first thing you have to learn is the eye, learn to look at things differently, don't just stand  and take a picture, get right in there and take it from a new perspective.

I get mails from a lot of people asking what settings they should use for this that and the next thing, the truth is there is no magic setting for shooting anything in particular, photography is all about light and you have to use whatever setting is appropriate for the light you have. The best advice I can give to start with is, learn to get away from AUTO mode, I only ever shoot on aperture priority mode or full manual. Your going to need to learn the relationship between the cameras aperture (the amount of light that hits the film/sensor), shutter speed (the time the light is allowed to hit the film/sensor) and the ISO (the film/sensors sensitivity).

There are tons of lessons and tutorials out there, I've probably spent hours (and days...) scouring YouTube and other sites.Here are just a few links to sites that I have found very usefull;

The Digital Photography School


               Fro Knows Photo




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