Any picture on this site (unless otherwise stated) is available to buy in print or canvas or any number of other finishes. There are a couple of ways to do this.


This is the fastest and easiest way to buy standard print sizes, any of my pictures can be bought direct from the sites galleries, just click on the one you want and hit the 'buy' button in the bottom right corner, you can also buy multiple prints buy hitting the 'buy' button on the main gallery. You will then be directed through size and finish options. Your picture will then be printed and sent to you direct from Loxley Colour printlab in Glasgow.

Another online option is the personal download option. This is for people who would rather organise their own method of printing, wherever and whenever they want, this can sometimes work out cheaper. To do this, when you click on the 'buy' button, just select 'download' as opposed to 'print'. If your going to be printing the picture, be sure to select the original file size as anything lower will result in poor print quality.


I also offer a wider range of bespoke options such as A size prints, canvasses, split prints, framed prints, aluminium prints and pretty much any other print option you can think of. So if your looking for something that isn't on this sites print options or you would just prefer a more personal service, just take a note of what picture (or pictures) you want and get in touch with me direct through any of the methods on the Contact page, we can then discuss whatever product you would like.


There are a few finish options when it comes to printing, these are basically down to personal taste but some pictures will turn out better with a certain finish.

LUSTRE ~ A lustre print is a textured matt finish best for situations when you don't want any glare or reflection associated with glossy finishes. Best suited for black and white and pictures without fine detail as the prints can be a little flat in contrast. Lustre is also smudge resistant.

GLOSS ~ A glossy print is sharper and has more 'pop' in colours than lustre, great for sunsets and pictures with a high colour saturation. Glossy prints are very shiny and can cause problems with reflections.

METALLIC/PEARLESCENT ~ A metallic or pearlescent print is very relective but is perfect for high detail pictures especially night pictures with stars and aurora, they are very vibrant and have and almost 3D like quality.

CANVAS ~ A canvas is a fantastic way to hang a print on your wall. It is printed on stretched canvas which gives a textured artistic quality ad looks very like a painting. Best for larger sizes and panoramics. Currently only available through the bespoke service.

ALUMINIUM PRINT ~ A print on aluminium is the ultimate finish. The print is directly applied to a sheet of aluminium for you to hang on your wall. It can be quite expensive but it really does look amazing. Currently only available through the bespoke service.

ACRYLIC PRINT ~ An acrylic print gives a crystal clear almost 3D finish, it looks very modern, perfect for larger or multiple prints. Currently only available through the bespoke service.

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